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Hillsboro Landfill – Hillsboro, Oregon

Cell VIA Liner and Perimeter Berm
Contracting Agency: Waste Management

Total Contract:
Completion Date: 2014

This project consisted of 257,000 cubic yards of total excavation. The majority of the excavated material went to build a visual screening berm. Building the berm came with its own challenges. The material had to be manipulated multiple times in order to achieve the right moisture consistency to meet the required compaction specification. The material was placed and tilled multiple times allowing it to naturally dry out. This project also required welding and placing gas and leachate collection lines totaling 2,720 feet. 360 feet of underdrain pipe along with 14,000 tons of drain rock was placed to control the abundance of ground water under the cell. After the placement of the liner system 12,000 tons of LCRS rock was placed followed by 9,000 cubic yards of operations soil. This was a large site covering an area totaling 32 acres. The project was completed on a stringent schedule to finish prior to the rainy season.

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