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Hillsboro Landfill – Hillsboro, Oregon

Cell VA Liner and Flood Control Berm
Contracting Agency: Waste Management

Total Contract:
Completion Date: 2015

The Hillsboro Landfill is always a challenging site due to being surrounded by residential neighborhoods on one side and wetland/wildlife areas on the other. Creative scheduling and strict job site management was utilized to eliminate any negative impacts on these sensitive areas. This site included 88,000 cubic yards of general excavation. This excavated material was placed and compacted to specification, creating the last leg of the flood control/visual berm. There was also 13,000 cubic yards of clay excavation that went to stockpile for future use. We installed leachate collection, gas collection and underdrain pipes totaling 4,500 feet. These pipes varied in size from 4” to 18”. 3,500 tons of gravel was used in the placement of these pipes. After the liner system was installed we placed 10,000 tons of rock as a drainage layer and 9,000 cubic yards of soil on top of that, creating the final operations layer.

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