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St. Joe River Rd to Meadowhurst Rd

Contracting Agency: Idaho Transportation Department
Total Contract: $4,000,000
Completion Date: 1999

This project was essentially a widening/elevation raising improvement of the existing dike road on the floodplain of the St.Joe River, including a similar segment of realignment across an adjacent field. This project also included construction of 4200 square meters of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall. Most of the terrain was flat pasture land.

The second project (‘Reid’s Corner’) was a floodplain of the St. Joe River and involved a cut section through a large forested hill, realigning an existing hairpin turn into a straight highway section and blending into existing SH-3 to the north.

Ground disturbing activities included clearing and grubbing, excavation (both of soil and existing asphalt highway surface), cut and embankment construction, drainage construction, and wetland mitigation construction.

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