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WW5 Re-Regulation Reservoir

Contracting Agency: Roza Irrigation District
Total Contract: $1,696,000
Completion Date: 2013

This project consisted of excavating, hauling and separately stockpiling three different types of soils in preparation for a future dam and irrigation pond. The soils included 500,000 cubic yards of gravel/sand, 200,000 cubic yards of lakebed silts, and 100,000 cubic yards of topsoil stripping’s. The contract required the
gravel/sand soils have a moisture content of 12% in the stockpile. This was achieved by applying water prior to excavation and again during final grading of the stockpile. Water was supplied from an existing irrigation canal. Prior to the canal being shut down for the season, M.A. DeAtley Construction worked two nine hour shifts to complete the project on schedule.

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