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Yakima Training Center: Machine Gun Range

Yakima Training Center: Machine Gun Range

Owner: Army Corps of Engineers

Location: Yakima, WA
Completion: 2016

The Yakima Training Center project consisted of constructing a  new multi-purpose machine gun range. The range has 128  precast concrete target emplacements with 10 precast  concrete firing positions. Off road haul trucks were utilized to move 180,000 cubic yards of borrow material form an onsite pit. This material was used to build the target foundations up to the correct elevations. Each target has a  specific elevation requirement with very little tolerance for  error. Each target required verification from a surveyor for acceptance. The excavation of 26,000 lineal feet of trenches,  three feet deep with six inches of bedding sand was required to run power and fiber optic lines to each individual target.  Five miles of service roads were also built to access each  target. 50,000 square yards of fabric and 10,000 cubic yards of base rock were used in completion of the service roads.

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