Almota Rd Stage 4

Almota Road Stage 4 Owner: Whitman County Public Works Location: Colfax, WA Completion: Fall 2020 The Almota Road project consisted of roadway realignment and reconstruction for a stretch of Almota Road Southwest of Colfax, WA. The project included approximately 400,000 CY of various excavation, 32,000 CY of shot rock, 38,000 Tons of 4” minus base, […]

Warren Wagon Road

Warren Wagon Road   Owner: Federal Highway Administration Location: McCall, ID Completion: Fall 2019   The Warren Wagon Road project consisted of roadway reconstruction and drainage culvert replacement for a stretch of Warren Wagon Road approximately 2 miles Northeast of McCall, ID. The project’s close proximity to Payette Lake made for tight working quarters. The […]

Culdesac Canyon Pa

Culdesac Canyon Passing Lane Phase 2   Owner: Idaho Transportation Department Location: Culdesac, ID Completion: Fall 2020   The Culdesac Canyon project consisted of adding a southbound passing lane and replacing nine culverts with three-sided box culverts on US-95, MP 279.7 to MP 282.2.  The steep canyon walls made pioneering the cut slops particularly challenging […]

Lewistown Southeas

Lewistown Southeast Contracting Agency: Montana Department of Transportation Completion Date: 2016 The work consisted of 5 miles of Roadway Reconstruction. Major items include 125,000 Cubic Yards of Excavation, 40,000 Cubic Yards of Special Borrow, 22,000 Cubic Yards of Cement Treated Base, 4,000 Cubic Yards of Base Course, 20,000 Tons of Asphalt Plant Mix, 1,500 Square Yards […]

Worley North Stage

Contracting Agency: Idaho Department of Transportation Total Contract: $6,638,028.00 Completion Date: 11/2015 The work consisted of 2 miles of Roadway Reconstruction. Major items include 90,000 Cubic Yards of Excavation, 110,000 Tons of Base, 18,000 Tons of Rock Armor, 10,000 tons of Drain Rock, 20,000 Tons of Asphalt Plant Mix, 4,200 Feet of Storm Sewer Pipe, Concrete […]

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